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In Automotiva we work really hard to provide the best service to our customers. Our Scrutineering work ensure a complete and exhaustive follow up of the cars that race at your championship.

Included services

-Installation assistance of the Logger
-Data acquisition
-Data analysis
-BoP assistance
-Complete meeting inform

International GT Open (2014)

We are working currently for Gt Sport as the official scrutineering company of the International Gt Open.

In a race weekend, our work plan is as follows:

-Thursday: Track visit, Logger delivery and installation assistance for the new teams (We work with Race Technology).

-Friday: Check connections, Free practice data acquisition, solve incidences.

-Saturday: Q1,Q2 and Race 1 data acquisition. Assistance to the technical comission (Data analysis, car performance etc.).

-Sunday:Race 2 data acquisition. If any incidence has not been solved during the weekend, data from the teams is requested.

-Monday: Complete meeting report. We prepare a report comparing the performance of the most successfull cars of the weekend.

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