We are Automotiva

We are an advanced automotive engineering company, with big experience in competition during more than two decades.

Initially emerged as a start-up of the university world, where we still practice teaching, began focused on automotive engineering, to gradually extend their services to other areas of the automotive sector and the engineering sector.

We currently offer services ranging from track engineering to teaching, through the integral development of parts, technical and commercial training and any advice from any other area of the automotive sector that you can imagine.

Our experience in the demanding world of racing accumulated over decades of hard work allows us to put a characteristic stamp on everything we do, the Automotiva stamp.

Our services


Motorsport experience, at your service

1Why is competition experience relevant?

The atmosphere of the high competition is one of the most demanding that exists. The need to work with cutting-edge technology without errors and the need to have a very high analytical capacity make the professionals trained there become pieces of high differential value when they integrate their knowledge in other areas of knowledge.

2How does it help in the development of components?
The development of analytical methods to conceptualize new components for competition allows obtaining a great experience when creating new lighter components, with new production techniques, less prone to errors and with greater efficiency.
3How does it help in the training?
Competition is the perfect space to learn, very much and very fast, about the importance of decision making and the importance not only of not making mistakes, but of knowing how to quickly and effectively stop them when they happen. We take advantage of this learning to apply these doctrines in our courses, with the aim of motivating us to learn more about our students and know how to solve complex problems.
4How does it help in simulation solutions?
Simulation is a vital part of the competition today. Both at the level of calculation of parts, through elements such as the CAE or the CFD, and at the level of prediction of performance of vehicles on the track. From these studies of predictive calculations and simulation we have learned and obtained the facility to study "real world" cases, where you can take advantage of this excellence to obtain better results.