New data acquisition system

AUTOMOTIVA expands to a new championship – Ultimate Cup Series
April 21, 2020

New data acquisition system

This season AUTOMOTIVA took the lead, together with GT SPORT, and release a new data acquisition system from Race Technology, the RTSS (Real Time Scrutineering System). This module allows the user to carry out an online analysis of the competitors through telemetry, which makes the decision-making process easier and faster. The online interface is completely customizable, this is where AUTOMOTIVA shows all its experience and know-how, identifying those channels to visualize, either if they are direct or mathematical, crucial points to make decisions. Also, there is the possibility to set your alarms in case a competitor exceeds any limits.

These systems, widely tested, are already being used in the championships GTOPEN INTERNATIONAL and GTCUP OPEN EUROPE, improving the quality and speed of our Scrutineering service.

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